Our communities offer our residents a common truth for a better quality of life with a balance of residential, recreational and business amenities and activities. Our purpose is to create somewhere special; somewhere to belong to. We do this by building communities that by design encourage diversity, creating social fabrics that welcome all and celebrate our differences. SODIC West embodies this New World that is young and progressive. A City that celebrates diversity and is buzzing with life.

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Driven by the deep rooted belief in scalable and sustainable social impact, SODIC’s corporate citizenship programmes meaningfully impact over 9,000 families annually. SODIC is committed to social impact across three focus areas; Education, Home Improvement and Equal Opportunity. In addition, our Relief Program channels donations to those that need them most while also engaging our employees, giving them the opportunity to give back to our wider communities.


EDARA is SODIC’s world-class facility management arm dedicated to providing wide-ranging solutions to all residents and tenants within SODIC’s developments. From security and landscaping to housekeeping and maintenance within the home, Edara is fully equipped to offer SODIC’s residents the convenience of hassle free living.

EDARA property management is a SODIC subsidiary specialized in facility management services. Established in 2010 and fully owned by SODIC, Edara is a leader in its field, offering diverse services to tenants and residents of commercial, residential and administrative units, buildings and projects. 

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